Friday, February 17, 2006

Inductive Charging.

I've been hearing alot about inductive charging lately. The idea can be useful taking into consideration upon designing. -- To me, I think it's very interesting how it works, Ac power is transferred through a magnetic field from point A to point B, electro currents transfers through inductive coils located on both sides of the spectrum, a magnetic flux induces an alternate current that crosses through the magnetic field and transfers to second inductive coil, resulting in transfer of AC current and converting to DC current and into storage. Whats very interesting is this all happens sort of wirlessly you can say- there is no metal contacts or an exposed electrical current working here. It works through an invisible field making it seemingly safe and easily handled- you dont' really have to worry about electical shortage, water contacts, and dangerous exposed surfaces. Its magic all happens through a magnetic field transferring currents. I really think this is something to look into for later designs.

Another examples of this type of charging are high end electical toothbrush.


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